£51 Million (€64 Million) Jackpot up for Grabs in Tonight's EuroMillions Draw
April 12, 2016

The EuroMillions jackpot has rolled over again, and this Tuesday, it will be an estimated €64 million

After it rolled over for a sixth time, the EuroMillions lottery jackpot now stands at a huge £51 million, or €64 million. The next draw will take place at 20.45 CET on Tuesday 12th April, and now that online lottery ticket agents have become so prevalent, it's open to people from around the world, not just Europe.

How To Play EuroMillions

The EuroMillions lottery has a straightforward format where players need to select 5 main numbers from 50, plus 2 Lucky Star numbers from a pool of 11. It cost £/€2 per play and draws take place twice a week. It's not uncommon for the EuroMillions to roll over multiple times, which has produced some of the biggest jackpot prizes in history, sometimes reaching the maximum of €190,000,000. Prizes are paid out as a lump sum, and in most countries they are free from tax.

Some countries have extra layers of prizes, with the UK for example, having a guaranteed £1 million prize, and Ireland running a 'Plus' draw with a €500,000 jackpot.

Revenue is shared in slightly different ways in each country, but in the UK players get 50% of all the money, good causes get 28%, and smaller amounts go to the government and the lottery operators.

Playing Online

Players who purchase tickets through online agents like LottoBooking, The Lotter and Play Huge Lottos will be able to enter the EuroMillions and other major lotteries from around the world without needing to be physically located in the territories where the draws take place. Prizes are paid directly into the winners banks, and major jackpots can even be collected in person. 

It's important to note the time differences however, as EuroMillions tickets must be bought by 20.00 CET, which is 19.00 in the UK.


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