New York Lotto

The Empire State is the place for some of the biggest lotteries in the world.

In such a fast-paced city, people expect a lottery to be of the biggest and most thrilling in the world.  The jackpots at the NY Lotto could get you that house on Central Park and a vacation spot in the Hampton’s so get online and pick your lucky numbers today.

New York Lotto History
Since the end of the 19th century New Yorker’s have always had a state lottery in one form or another.  The proceeds of the earlier lotteries went to creating famous structures and landmarks throughout New York City and the rest of the state.  Funding was earmarked for educational programs and to fund various sporting events.  One thing is for sure, the state of New York has always had a huge lottery to play for.  It was in 1966 that the state government turned the overseeing of the NY lotteries to the New York Lottery Organization that still runs the states lotteries and charitable giving.     

Since 1978, the New York Lotto has been making the people of New York millionaires and in 1983 an additional weekly draw was added. In 2007 the record for the NY Lotto was set at an astonishing $65 million, a record still standing today.

How it Works

To play the New York Lotto online all you need to do is select six numbers from a range of one to fifty-nine.  The bonus number selected is drawn to settle secondary prize winners.  You can select your numbers by yourself using whatever tricks of the trade you know, or have them automatically generated for you.  Either way the win ratio for this impressive lottery is fantastic.

How to Win

In addition to the hefty jackpot won by matching all six numbers, the New York Lotto offers five total prize categories making it one of the most attractive lotto’s in the US.


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