New Zealand Powerball

New Zealand is famous for its stunning landscapes, its fresh air and unbelievable nature. They are however famous for having one of the best Powerball lotteries in the world.

The New Zealand Powerball is one of the most popular draws in the country and with no tax prizes and 12 winning categories, this version of Powerball is not one to miss.

New Zealand Powerball History

Powerball in New Zealand was established in February 2001, fourteen years after the New Zealand Lotteries Commission was founded.  Unlike other New Zealand Lotteries, the Powerball was introduced in order to give players a wide-array of secondary prizes and a competitive main jackpot.

Since it’s establishment and up until October 2007 the powerball matrix allowed players to select one of nine numbers.  After October 2007, an additional number was added allowing for one out of ten selection instead.  In 2010, the jackpot was increased from NZD$3 million to NZD$4 million making it even more attractive.

To date, the biggest winning jackpot was in October 2008 for a sweet NZD$30 million.

How it Works

To play the New Zealand Powerball online, players need to select six numbers from one to forty and an extra number from an additional range of one to ten.  The extra number isn’t only for the jackpot but for the long range of secondary prizes too.  There is also a chance to match a bonus ball which is for secondary prizes only.

How to Win

If you have matched all six of the winning numbers that you selected, or that were selected at random, and the Powerball you’ll be a jackpot winner.  Secondary prizes are won by numerous number combinations with the bonus ball match as well.  The best part about the Powerball is that the winnings are tax-free.  The cap for rollovers stops at NZD$30 million which is the amount won by a single ticket holder in 2008.

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