South Africa Powerball

Powerball lottery games are some of the most popular lottery games in the world. The South African version of the US classic boasts terrific jackpots, attractive odds and tax-free prizes. It can be yours today online.

South African Powerball History

Following the success of the South African Lotto established in the year 2000, the South African Lottery Organization opted to start the South Africa Powerball in October 2009.  This version of Powerball has become one of the most popular lottery games in the country and the bi-weekly draws have players flocking to pick lucky numbers from all over the world.  The goal of the South African Powerball is to raise needed funding for public funds.

Just one year after is began the South Africa Powerball gave away its biggest jackpot of $11.8 million.

How it Works

The South Africa Powerball works just the same as other powerball games. Players must choose five numbers out of a one to forty-five number range.  In addition, one Powerball number is selected from a number range of one to twenty.  The numbers can be your own lucky digits or you can have them randomly selected for you, either way it’s a thrilling lottery game.

How to Win

If you match all five of the numbers you selected and the Powerball number you’ll have won the jackpot.  There are an additional seven prize categories so the winning odds are excellent.  The Powerball number and other number combinations are used to settle secondary prizes.

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