Oregon Megabucks

The Oregon Megabucks lottery is one of the primary ways that the state of Oregon funds a number of charitable initiatives to improve the state. It is also the main state lottery offering players competitive odds and huge jackpots.

The lottery boasts one of the best cost-benefit ratios in the US.

Oregon Megabucks History

In 1984 the Oregon Lottery was created in an attempt to better the economy in the state after a long time recession.  The main areas that needed vast improvement was economic development and jobs creation until 1995 when the proceeds were earmarked for Educational Endowment Funds receiving 18% of all lottery proceeds.  Oregon is a state whose heart is with the environment and in 1998 voters passed an amendment stating that 15% of all Megabucks proceeds be earmarked to protecting natural resources, 7.5% to watershed conservation/salmon habitats and 7.5% to state parks.

The Oregon Megabucks Lotto is a modern-day tradition among residents of Oregon and over 40% of the entire population buys tickets to the draw.

How it Works

Playing the Oregon Megabucks lottery is easier than ever and can easily be played online.  Simply choose six numbers from one to forty eight and you will also have the option of adding a ‘kicker’ number.  The kicker will quadruple all secondary prizes.  All that’s left to do is wait for the draw and you might be taking a trip to the Pacific North West.  If you have guessed all six numbers you’ve won the jackpot.  Incredibly, one out of all fifty-three players will win a prize in the Megabucks lottery making it one of the best lotteries in America.

If you are a winner, you should know that all lottery winnings are subject to 25% federal tax and 8% state income tax on all prizes over $5,000.  The biggest jackpot awarded by the Megabucks lottery to date was $30 million won in November 2004.

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