Turkey Lotto 6/49

You could be the next winner in the Turkey Lottery 6/49! The Turkey Lottery 6/49 is one of the most popular lotteries in the Middle East.

This lottery offers favourable winning odds and large jackpots.  In addition, if the jackpot is not won after three rollovers then the secondary prize winners will receive part of the jackpot. 

Turkey Lottery 6/49 History

Turkey has organized lotteries since the 19th century, so they are an important part of Turkish history.  However, the Turkey Lottery 6/49 is a relatively new lottery game.  This lottery was officially launched in 1996 by the Milli Piyango Company.  Since inception, this lottery has become a favourite for Turkish players and indeed for players all over the world. 

How it Works

Getting started with the Turkey Lottery 6/49 is really easy. Players need to choose 6 numbers between 1 and 49.  This lottery is easy to understand, because itonly has 4 prize categories. As such, winners will receive a greater percentage of the prize pool. 

Players can win the jackpot in the Turkey Lottery 6/49 by correctly matching all 6 numbers that are drawn.  If there is no jackpot winner after the jackpot has rolled over 3 times, then the amount of the jackpot will be distributed between the secondary prize winners. 

Big Wins

The largest jackpot prize ever won in the Turkey Lottery 6/49 was TRY 6.5 million.  This prize, which was about US$3.6 million, was won in March 2009 by a couple.  This win has since made the lucky couple local celebrities.  



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