Romania Lotto 6/49

The Romania Lotto 6/49 is a traditional and long-time favorite national lotto. You can play this lotto online today and get in on the thrilling bi-weekly draws.

Romania Lotto 6/49 History

In Romania, the lottery games have been in practice since 1906.  The aim of the Romania Lotto 6/49 is to provide funding for a number of public policy objectives, and until today, there have been millions of dollars in support given from the proceeds of the lottery.  The Romania Lotto 6/49 boasts some of the best winning odds in this bi-weekly draw.

How it Works

Romania Lotto runs on the classic and popular 6/49 method.  Players can easily play online by selecting six numbers from a range of one to forty-nine.  The draw is held every Thursday and Sunday and sine there is no rollover cap, the jackpots regularly reach millions of dollars.  The odds that players will win one of the prize categories is an attractive 1:57 making this lottery a fan favorite.

How to Win

Upon draw days, players have four prize categories that they can win with.  Matching all six numbers wins the coveted jackpot.  Match five, four, or three of the winnig numbers and there are cash prizes as well.

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