New Zealand – Powerball Results

Powerball lottery games are some of the most loved by lotto enthusiasts all over the world. The New Zealand Powerball is a direct off-shoot of the famous US version.


Jackpots with New Zealand Powerball are definitely no joke.  Not only does this version of Powerball have a great win ratio but since it was created in 2001 over $432 million in wins has been awarded.


You can find all the results from the last New Zealand Lotto right here.  If you have an older ticket you’ll still be able to find it by the date you played.


The minimum jackpot with the NZ Powerball is NZD$4,000,000 which is not just chump change.  The lottery cap is at NZD$30,000,000, which is also the largest single winner jackpot in NZ Powerball history

Try your luck with New Zealand and check the results right here.

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