Lottery Terms

There are many terms that are used in the world of lotteries that if you haven’t been around the well-seasoned players you may not understand. Here is a look into a few of the terms used in the industry to get you started.

Bearer Instrument - Any item (including paper lottery tickets) giving the ticket holder the right of ownership. It doesn’t matter if you buy, whoever holds it, wins it so watch you ticket.

Bonus Ball - This is an additional ball that doesn’t count towards the jackpot but a set of secondary prizes.

Cold Number – A cold number is a number that has not hit in a while. If you look at many of the statistics on lotteries you can see the numbers that hit the most and the least which could help you pick your lucky numbers.

Deadline – The timeline that winners will need to cash their prizes by.

Draw - A draw is the act of picking the winning lottery numbers.

Drawing Machines -Drawing machines are lotto machines that are used by official lotteries to pick the winning numbers. Drawing machines have marked lotto balls and are common with the world’s biggest lotto’s.

Fixed Payout - A fixed payout is a cash prize amount that does not increase or decrease due to the number of players.

Jackpot – The Jackpot is the first prize in a lottery game. The jackpot is won by matching all winning numbers.

Lucky Stars -  Two extra numbers used in the EuroMillions lottery game. To win the jackpot both must be matched with the regular winning numbers.

Natural Selection - This lotto term is used to describe a lotto ticket where the numbers have been chosen by the player instead of being picked by a computer at random.

Odds - These are the chances a player has at winning the lottery.

Play Slip - The piece of paper you need to order to buy tickets from a lottery retailer.   When you buy tickets online you don’t need one of these.

Quick Pick/Lucky Dip - A lottery purchased ticket in which the numbers are chosen by an automated machine, not by a player.

RNG – Random Number Generator, or quick picks.  The automated number selector used when you don’t pick your own numbers.

Results – the winning numbers selected at lottery draws.

Rollover – The money added to jackpots after not being won.

Scratchcard – Classic scratch cards where players scratch boxes or pictures off to reveal prizes.

Subscription – A subscription is for players that want to play one or more of the same lottery over a long period of time. You can choose to play your same numbers that are saved in your online account and you will automatically be entered into the draw of your choosing.

Systematic Form - This is a form that is filled out with seven to eleven numbers.  These numbers give players all the possible number combinations for those numbers.

Terminal – The machine that prints and checks your tickets at a land-based shop.

Ticket – The piece of paper you receive after selecting your numbers.  Online tickets are scanned to players.

Winner – The person you hope to be because you will have won a prize.

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