Spain BonoLoto

With four draws a week, Spain’s BonoLoto is a thrilling online lottery that can roll over as many as four times a week. Make the BonoLoto one of your traditions as it is in Spain.

Spain BonoLoto History

Since 1988 Spain’s BonoLoto was first drawn in attempts to offer residents of Spain a frequent lottery game at a very affordable price.   The La Primitiva group of Spanish National lotteries oversees the BonoLoto and other lotteries from the county to fund numerous projects for the development of new housing, healthcare, education, community and cultural projects throughout the country. 

The current BonoLoto format was created in 1991, when the reintegro feature was introduced.  Players matching the reintegro number randomly assigned to each ticket  receives a full refund on their ticket.

In 1990, the largest BonoLoto jackpot was won for a total of over €7 million going to one lucky ticket holder.

How it Works

Players choosing to play the BonoLoto lottery game will need to choose six numbers out of the classic one to forty-nine range.  The draw uses a single drum and during the draw a seventh number is selected which is essential for secondary prizes.

The draws take place four times a week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday giving many chances to win.


How to Win

By matching all six winning numbers you have won the jackpot.  There are an additional four secondary prize categories which stem from various number combinations and the seventh lucky number.

The minimum jackpot is  €400,000 and with many rollovers possible due to a four a week draw the prizes can reach millions in no time.

Lottery prizes in Spain that exceed €2,500 are subject to a government legislated tax of 20%.

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