U.K. National Lottery

There are not many lotteries as big as the UK National Lottery. This rich UK tradition features some of the best prizes of any European lotto and it can be yours online today.

UK National Lottery Lotto History

The UK Lotto was created to raise funding for the National Lottery God Causes Foundation which until today has helped over 800 national charitable foundations.  The first version of the UK National Lottery was formed in 1994 and was drawn only once a week on Saturdays.  In February 1997, a Wednesday draw was added giving double the weekly chances to win some pf the top cash prizes in Europe.

To date, the largest jackpot ever won was in 1995 when £42 million was won.

How it Works

The classic 6/49 method, used by many of the top lotteries in the world is the method used for the UK National Lottery.  Players must select six numbers from a range of one to forty-nine.  During the draw, a bonus ball is also selected for secondary prizes.

The lottery is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday

How to Win

If you have guessed all six winning numbers you’ll have won the jackpot.  There are an additional four prize categories available.  The bonus ball and a combination of numbers will be counted for secondary prizes.

The jackpot is guaranteed to starts between £2.2 million-£4.2 million can rollover only four times.  The UK National Lottery also hosts the Super Draw Lotto on special occasions with a whopping £10 million starting jackpot.

The best part about winning the UK National Lottery is that all prizes are tax-free and awarded in a lump sum.

Lottery Tales

It could have been a new life for the couple but following a breakup after 14 years together and a son, a truck-driver won £17.8 million.  The young woman that broke up with the now rich boyfriend has been called the unluckiest woman in Britain. 

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