Lottery FAQ

Frequently asked questions :

What is a systematic form?

Systematic forms are available on some lotteries. A systematic form lets you enter a draw with between 6-11 lucky numbers, depending on the lottery you select. Choosing a systematic form will allow you to get all of the possible number combinations for between 6-11 numbers.

How can you select your numbers for your lottery ticket?

Each of the online lotteries can be played by choosing the numbers manually or using our random number generator (Quick Picks).

What browsers and operating systems work best with the site?

You will be able to use Internet Explorer 8/9, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.For Mac users and if you are using Opera or Safari, some features may not fully work.For all browsers, please use the most recent version of these browsers.

Are there any free services on the site?

We offer a number of free services for our customers including: lottery results alerts, alert by SMS, Customer support, Reviews of all lotteries, Jackpot alerts and VIP account management.

Who can play online lotteries?

Anyone that has an internet connection and is over 18 years of age can buy online lottery tickets.

Can I find discounts on lottery tickets?

There are a number of promotions available. For more information, see the Promotions section to view the deals available.

How do I make a deposit?

Follow the on-screen instructions in the Deposits section.

What is a Swift Code and IBAN Number?

A SWIFT code is a Bank Identifier Code. It is the 8-11 digit identification code of a bank. The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is way to identifying bank accounts internationally.

How do I alter my default payment method?

Edit your relevant payment details under your Account.

Where is my CVV number?

This is a short 3-digit number on the back of your credit card.

What is the reintegro?

The reintegro is a unique option of the La Primitiva lottery and the Bono Lotto that gives a ticket holder a full ticket reimbursement if the numbers are matched.

How will I know the rules of different lotteries?

Read the lottery review before selecting your game.

Can I change the site’s language?

We offer our services in a number of languages. Simply visit your personal details and change to the language you prefer.

Can I buy a single line lottery ticket?

No. We require a minimum purchase of between 2-6 lines.

How do I get started?

Simply register an account with your personal details, make a deposit and pick your lottery.

Any commission on my lottery winnings?

No, the price you pay is all we charge. A bank transfer fee may be required when transferring secondary winnings.

Can I buy lottery tickets on my computer?

Yes! You can play and surf our site with your home PC or mobile phone/tablet.

What are the advantages of using

You can play in over 45 lotteries from around the world and never miss another draw.  Play the biggest jackpots in the world with our comprehensive service.

Is it safe to make deposits and withdrawals?

Yes! We use the most advanced GeoTrust 128 SSL bit security, accessible only with your username and password.

How does the overall lottery tickets service work?

With OnlineLotteryTickets you can enter over 45 official lotteries from all over the world from your computer or mobile device.  Choose your lucky numbers and one of our lottery ticket agents will personally buy and send you a scan of your ticket.Your ticket is securely stored at a  local office, and any secondary winning are transferred to your account immediately.

What is a secondary prize?

Secondary prizes are all other lottery prizes other than the jackpot.

Is connected to official lottery organizations?

Online Lottery Tickets is an independent, third-party service. We do not operate in association with any official lottery body nor run lotteries of our own. Our service is simple, we get you online lottery tickets to the top lotteries in the world.

How do you receive your winning in the event that you’ve won?

If you have been lucky enough to win a jackpot, you will need to visit the local office.Secondary winnings are transferred to your OnlineLotteryTicket account within 24 hours of the publication of the official lottery results. Once in your account you are free to make withdrawals or keep funds in your account for future use.If your prize has local tax, it will be transferred to your personal account within 15 days of receiving the sum from the lottery operator.

Where can I buy lottery tickets?

You can buy lottery tickets to online lotteries from around the world on our site.

Are online lottery winnings taxable?

UK residents do not need to pay tax on their online lottery winnings. For residents outside the UK, you will need to check with your local tax authority.

How old do you have to be to buy lottery tickets?

You must be 16 years or older to play the lottery or to claim a prize.

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