Russia Gosloto 7/49 Results

This is one of the most unique lotto games in the world. The Goslotto 7/49′s draw format makes each game have some of the best winning odds and makes for exciting draws.

Since 2005 the Goslotto 7/49 has been making new millionaires around the world, you could be next.


A Russian man purchased his Goslotto 7/49 ticket in the suburbs of St. Petersburg.  This lucky man didn’t know it then but come draw day he would have broken the record for this lottery with a sweet $3 million win.


Be sure to check your results from playing the Goslotto 7/49 online today.  There are an amazing set of secondary prizes when you play this lottery game.  The minimum prize stats at winning odds of 1:22 leading all the way up to the jackpot when you match all seven winning numbers


The first place prize can grow very rapidly from this weekly draw because there is no rollover cap.  Play now from your PC or mobile device and be the next winner.

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