Buy Turkey Super Lotto 6/54 Ticket

The Turkey Lotto 6/54 is of the most popular lottery options for players wanting huge jackpots.

Established in 2007, the Turkish 6/54 was created to up the jackpots and offer bigger prizes to players across the country.  The biggest jackpot to date was $20 million but there have been dozens of millionaire winners since its inception.

Who Can Play

Anyone can login to their online account and play the Super Lotto 6/54.

How it Works

The game is a unique format with players choosing 6 of 54 numbers.   With 54 numbers, the odds of winning are a little harder than the typical 6/49 option but the extra numbers make the prize pool a lot bigger so more bang for your buck.  The prize money starts at $500,000 and it rolls over until a winner is crowned.  There are 4 prize categories and secondary prizes are excellent too.  Like other Turkish lotteries the 6/54 donates millions to charities all across Turkey so when you purchase your online lottery tickets know you are helping people in Turkey too.

Player Options

Players can try their luck with the six line form available online today.

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