Turkey Super Lotto 6/54

Check out the Turkey Super Lotto! The Turkey Super Lottery is an exciting national lottery in Turkey.

This lottery has just 4 prize categories which means that winners will receive a larger share of the prize pool compared to lotteries that have more prize categories.

Turkey Super LottoHistory

Turkey has been operating lotteries since the late 19th century.  Lotteries form an integral part of Turkish history and the funds are used for various national projects.  The Turkey Super Lotto is a recent addition to the lottery offering in the country.  This lottery was established by the Milli Piyango Company in 2007.

How it Works

Players can easily learn the rules of the Turkey Super Lotto.  To win, you will be required to select 6 numbers between 1 and 54.  There is no bonus number which simplifies the rules, and makes the lotterymuch easier to understand.

Players can win the jackpot in the Turkey Super lottery by correctly matching all 6 numbers that are chosen during the draw.  One of the benefits of playing this lottery is that the winnings are not taxed.

In addition, the jackpot does not have a cap, so it will continue to grow until it is won.  This means that the Turkey Super Lotto is capable of offering multi-million dollar jackpot prizes.

Big Wins

The Turkey Super Lotto has produced the largest jackpot in the country.  The biggest jackpot won in this lottery was TRY35.1 million which was approximately US$19.4 million.  This jackpot was hit by just one player in March of 2009.

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