Buy Oregon Megabucks Ticket

Oregon’s Megabucks game is a terrific jackpot that has created over 230 millionaires so far.

Enter to win the MegaBucks lottery and play for 4 prizes 3 days a week. Players have 1 in 12 million odds of winning the Megabucks Oregon Lottery.  You could be the next big winner.

Where to Buy

Anyone can play the Oregon Megabucks lottery game.  Simply login to your online account from wherever you have an internet connection.  Use your mobile device or your home PC to play.

How it Works

Draws are held every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday and the Megabucks Lottery draws 6 numbers from 1/48.   The Oregon Megabucks jackpots start at $1 million and keeps on growing until someone wins. The Megabucks lotto also has a great Kicker number which will quadruple your winnings when you match 4, 5 or the main jackpot 6 lucky numbers.

Player Options

Increase your odds of winning by playing different number combinations! Choose between six or ten line forms.

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