Buy U.K. Thunderball Ticket

The UK’s Thunderball Lottery is relatively new to the UK and it offers fixed prizes but great odds.

The maximum jackpot is £500 000, and there are no roll overs so this is a popular quick lottery game available online.  Thunderball is a close relative to the very popular US Powerball.

How to Play

Players choose five out of thirty-nine numbers and a Thunderball number from one to fourteen if you want to win the jackpot.  Unlike other lotteries the odds for winning the jackpot are not one in billions, rather one in eight million but there are also many prize categories and secondary prizes to boot.  The UK Thunderball could be your fastest bet to win a cool £500 000 and on the way to the jackpot, know that your ticket purchase also goes to fund charitable programs across the UK.  If you don’t play you can’t win so get on your computer or your mobile device now, to win.

Player Options

Players need to fill out forms with three to six lines to win.

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