Buy New Zealand Powerball Ticket

The New Zealand Lotto Powerball is a minimum $4 million jackpot created to give the people of New Zealand a serious chance at becoming millionaires.

The New Zealand Powerball lotto is based on the popular US Powerball lotto.

Who Can Play

Just because it says New Zealand doesn’t mean you need to live there in order to play.  You can get your online lottery tickets right now and play in the next draw.

How to Buy

Get your New Zealand Powerball tickets today with Online Lottery Tickets and get in on one of the most thrilling Powerball lotteries around.

How it Works

The New Zealand Powerball is one of the best odds for winning in the world.  If there hasn’t been a winner when the pot reaches $30 million, the prize money is divided among the winners of the next prizes down the ladder.  Choose your lucky numbers and the Powerball number and if they match up you’ll be a winner.  There are other prize categories available too so even if the jackpot passes you by, you might still be a winner.

Player Options

Increase your odds of winning by playing different number combinations! Powerball offers five options of play. Either fill in five or eight lines or choose 8-10 numbers that can be played in every combination.

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