New York Sweet Million Lotto

There are not many lotteries out there that promise “The Best Odds at a Million” but the New York Sweet Million uses this as their trademark.

This lottery has become one of the most popular and respected lottery games in the world and players from all over the world are playing the game online.

New York Sweet Million History

The New York Sweet Million Lottery began in 2009.  Lotteries in NY had been around for a very long time and the Sweet Millions is the product of years of experience and planning.  The mixture of great odds and classic guess range has made this lottery a fan favorite.

How it Works

The Sweet Millions Lottery has a fixed jackpot of $1,000,000.  Players login and select six numbers from a one to forty number range.  You can select your own lucky numbers or have them chosen for you through an automatic quick picks option.

How to Win

If you match all six numbers you are a winner.  If more that 5 people take home the jackpot each of the winners will receive a Sweet Million, fewer than 5 winners will be divided among the winners.


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