Buy South Africa Powerball Ticket

PowerBall lotteries mean big jackpots and that is no different in this South African version.

The South African Powerball is the biggest lottery draw in South Africa and since its launch in 2009 it has awarded hundreds of prizes including the biggest prize for $11 million in 2010.

Who Can Play

You don’t need to live in South Africa to play this lottery.  All you need is an internet connection, computer or a mobile device and you’ll be able to play this great lottery online.

How it Works

The South African PowerBall works just like other PowerBall lotteries around the world and to play you need to pick 5 out of 45 numbers and a lucky PowerBall number.  If you hit all the numbers and the PowerBall, number you’ll win it all but they payout to players matching 4 or five numbers too.  The jackpot starts at $300,000 and rolls-over until the jackpot is won so more times than not, you’ll see multi-million dollar prizes to be won.  Prizes are paid out in full and winners are not taxed making this lottery one that you want to win.  Like the other South African lotteries, 34% of the proceeds are donated to worthy charities all over the country so you’re not only playing to win, you’re playing to give.

Player Options

Players can fill out the six line form for a chance to win the South African PowerBall.

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