South Africa Lotto

For a terrific online lottery that is extremely popular in South Africa, try the South African Lotto. The jackpots are some of the best in the country and the odds couldn’t get any better.

South Africa Lotto History

Since 1984, South Africa has operated national lotteries in one form or another.  The lotteries were created to provide much needed funding for a variety of charitable national projects.  The South African Lotto was first drawn in the year 2000 and has been a national favorite ever since.  In light of the success and popularity of the Lotto, in 2009 a South African Powerball lottery was formed.  Lotteries in South Africa are overseen by the South African Lottery Organization.

A nice $6 million was the highest jackpot ever won with the lotto in 2013.

How it Works

Players opting to play the South African Lotto online will need to pick six numbers from a number range of one to forty-nine.  This classic lottery format is one of the most popular today.  There is also a bonus number chosen from the same drum which counts for secondary prizes.  You can pick your own numbers or use the quick picks tool which will pick for you.

The bi-weekly draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday so don’t miss out.

How to Win

There are an amazing seven ways to win with the South African Lotto.  An outright jackpot winner needs six correct number matches but there are also secondary prizes selected by various combinations of numbers and the bonus number.

The jackpot can grow to very large sums because of the fact there is no prize cap.  Prizes are all paid tax-free in one lump sum making this lottery very attractive.

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