U.K. EuroMillions UK

The famed EuroMillions UK Lottery is one of the most well-respected and most-played lotteries in the world.

This unique lottery guarantees a minimum jackpot of £1 million but don’t be surprised to see jackpots far exceeding the minimum amount.  The EuroMillions can be yours by buying your UK EuroMillions lottery tickets online today.

EuroMillions UK History

Since 2004, the EuroMillions UK lottery has been making new millionaires throughout Europe and the rest of the world.  Situated in the EuroMillions headquarters in Paris, France, the first EuroMillions UK lottery, created as a multi-national draw for residents of Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland, the UK and many other European countries was the main lottery for residents across Europe.   It wasn’t until 2009 that the EuroMillions began a unique way to offer even more and introduced the UK Millionaire Raffle giving ticket holders of EuroMillions UK tickets the chance to win an additional £1 million.  Unlike many other lotteries, the EuroMillions UK also holds special raffles that regularly give-away up to 25 raffle prizes in one draw.  This quickly made EuroMillions UK a favorite lottery among millions of people.

How it Works

Both the EuroMillions Lottery and the EuroMillions UK lottery are played exactly the same.  Players that have used the EuroMillions lottery will easily be able to understand all that is needed to play the EuroMillions UK draw.  All one needs to do is choose five winning numbers from a one to fifty range and pick an additional two lucky numbers, (called Lucky Stars)between one and eleven.  Not only do the Lucky Stars help create alternate winning combinations for the jackpot, they also are essential for winning eight of the twelve possible secondary prizes. The EuroMillions UK draw uses a randomly generated numeric code that comes printed on every EuroMillions ticket sold.  This number code is then entered in the special Millionaire Raffle which awards lucky players with the guaranteed £1 million prize.

How to Win

If you are lucky enough to match all of your five numbers and the two Lucky Stars, you’ll have won the EuroMillions UK Jackpot.  If you haven’t matched all the winning numbers there is still many more chances for you to win.  The EuroMillions UK lottery has a twelve secondary prizes that are won by players with numerous number combinations from two, three, four or five, numbers matched, with one or two of the bonus Lucky Stars.  Best part is, the prizes are tax free so what you win is what you get.

The UK Millionaire Raffle is awarded to the ticket with the correct nine digit numeric code drawn by the automated draw machine.

Some of the biggest jackpots in the world, are regular fixtures at the UK EuroMillions lottery.  In 2011 the jackpot was won at a massive £149 million, and in 2006 there was over £140 million taken home.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win the EuroMillions UK lottery and play the online lottery game that has taken Europe by storm.

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