Buy U.K. EuroMillions UK Ticket

Buy tickets online to the UK EuroMillions jackpot, the biggest jackpot in the UK.

You can play for the coveted Euromillions jackpot or the guaranteed £1 million Raffle prize every Tuesday and Friday.  The UK Euromillions jackpot is easier to access than ever when you  buy your online tickets and choose your lucky numbers.  Make sure you don’t watch another person win while thinking to yourself why didn’t I play.  It’s never been easier to play the UK EuroMillions lottery and right from the comfort of your own home.  Login to your online account and pick your lucky numbers or let the random number generator choose for you.  Either way you could be the winner and take home one of the biggest jackpots in the world.

How it Works

EuroMillions UK is played just like  EuroMillions, simply choose 5 numbers in a 1-50 guess range and 2 Lucky Stars, between 1 and 11. Lucky Stars help participants win the jackpot and eight of the 13 secondary prize categories.

Who Can Play

Anyone can play the EuroMillions lottery online

Player Options

Players can pick either three or five lines to try and win.

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