Sweden Lotto

The Swedish Lotto is one of the greatest Scandinavian Traditions. It is one of the oldest lotteries in the world. This bi-weekly lotto offers two drawings and four bonus balls making it one of the most unique lotteries in the world.

Sweden Lotto History

Lottery games have been in operation in Sweden since 1896.  Throughout the years the lotto has undergone many changes until 1980 when the modern form of the Sweden Lotto was released.  The Lotto is run by the ‘Svenska Spel’ Company. The jackpots in the Sweden Lotto are known to be big and the biggest so far was won in 2005 worth $21 million by one lucky ticket holder.

How it Works

The Sweden Lotto can be played online by player all over the world by selecting seven numbers in a range from one to thirty five.  Instead of having just one draw, this lotto draws two sets of winning numbers and draws four bonus numbers for each set.  Bonus numbers are only used for secondary prizes.

The Lotto runs every Wednesday and Saturday so don’t miss out.

How to Win

The Swedish Lotto offers five separate prize categories making the winning odds incredibly good.  Jackpot winners need to guess all seven of the winning numbers.  With different number combinations and bonus balls, players can win from a long list of secondary prizes.

The minimum jackpot is SEK3 million and there is no rollover cap. Cash prizes are awarded tax-free and given in one lump sum making the Sweden Lotto one of the best.

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