Spain El Gordo Results

By far one of the most classic and beloved lotteries in the world, the El Gordo could be your tickets to riches. This Spanish lottery has an incredibly high winning rate and players from all over the world continue to play the El Gordo Lottery online.


With a record jackpot of €33,024,545 and millions of dedicated fans worldwide, it would be a mistake to miss the El Gordo’s hot jackpots. The El Gordo prizes regularly top €10,000,000 making it one of the best lotteries in Europe.


Results from the Sunday El Gordo draw can be seen following the draw right on this page.  Make sure you check your numbers because you might be the next winner.


The minimum jackpot with the El Gordo is €5,000,000 a sweet win in itself, but with no rollover cap, these jackpots can reach tens of millions and regularly do.

Try your luck with the EL Gordo and check the results after it’s drawn.

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