Ontario Ontario 49

Canadians have a long tradition playing in lottery games.

The Ontario 49 has been around in the great white north offering a set jackpot of $1,000,000, incredibly winning odds beginning at 1:54 and a thrilling bi-weekly draw that players are getting into from all over the world online.

Ontario 49 Lottery History

Since 1997, the Ontario 49 has been holding it’s action-packed draws overseen by the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation since April 2000.  Since 2006 the OLG has been running lottery games in the province and now over nine draw-style lottery games are in their hands.

How it Works

To place your best bets on the Ontario 49 online, all you need to do is select six numbers from one to forty-nine.  The iconic mechanical lottery ball is still the draw method of choice in Ontario’s lottery 49 which is also where the bonus number is selected.  The bonus ball is used to select secondary prizes and more.   You can always choose your own lucky numbers or your can use the quick picks random number generator.

The Ontario 49 is a bi-weekly draw every Wednesday and Saturday and it is not a lottery you should miss out on.

How to Win

When the draw begins, seven balls in total are selected from the same draw drum.  If you match all the numbers your a jackpot winner.  In the event of a tie the jackpot is divided among the winners.  With odds as good as 1:54, tax-free prizes and a long time, well-respected lottery game, now is the time to get your online tickets for the Ontario 49.  If you haven’t won the jackpot, there are still four other prize categories that when combined with your bonus number will get you a very sweet cash prize.

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