Oregon Megabucks Results

If you’re looking for some of the most competitive odds of any other US State lottery than look no further than the Oregon Megabucks lottery.

 There are four exciting prize categories to win some lucrative prizes and with the Oregon Megabucks Kicker multiplier feature, its no mystery as to why these jackpots are some of the biggest in North America.


This competitive lottery is constantly trying to break its prize record of $30 million.  With jackpots that commonly reach more than $10 million you’d be crazy not to try your lucky numbers online today.


In order to win the Oregon Megabucks jackpot all you need to do is match six of the lucky numbers.  If you are not a jackpot winner don’t worry, check back with us to see if you have won one of three additional prize categories with winning odds starting as good as 1:53.


With every draw the jackpot rolls-over to the tune of $200,000, try your luck today.

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