Poland Lotto

For over 50 years the Poland Lotto has been one of the most played and well-respected European national lotteries. The Poland Lotto can be yours online, and with unlimited jackpots there has never been a better time to play.

Poland Lotto History

Since 1957, the Poland Lottery has been a staple in Polish tradition.  The game has not changed since it was established making it one of the oldest lottery formats in Europe today.  The Polish Sports Lottery has been overseeing the Lotto since its inception and the traditional 6/49 is tried and trusted.  The only change that did occur was in 2007 when the Polish Sports Lottery added a third weekly draw both to increase chances of winning and to add more excitement to the game.

In September 2011, the largest jackpot ever won was awarded to a lucky ticket holder worth $14.2 million.

How it Works

The classic 6/49 lottery format is used by some of the biggest and best lotteries around the world.  Players guess six numbers from one to forty-nine by selecting ones own lucky numbers, having them randomly generated or fill in a systematic form giving all number combinations of eight, nine, ten or eleven significantly increasing the odds to win.

The Poland lottery is drawn every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday so the action is all week long.

How to Win

The Poland Lotto does not have a rollover cap on its jackpot, therefore the pot can reach many millions of dollars.  If you match all six of the winning numbers you will be a Poland Lotto winner.  In addition to the jackpot, the Poland Loto also has three additional prize categories which depending on your number combinations could get you an attractive secondary prize.

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