Close to $100 Million Up for Grabs
December 9, 2014

The US Mega Millions jackpot has skyrocketed to $91 million for Tuesday the 9th of December.

It is beginning to seem like a trend, as the US Mega Millions has yet again rolled over to astronomical proportions; and it's not even close to a record yet. The biggest lottery game in the world is an estimated $91 million with a cash option worth $56 million. That would definitely make holiday shopping a lot easier on one’s bank account. 

The December 9th draw is one of the biggest jackpots that Mega Millions has reached this year but it is nowhere near the record $656 million taken home in March, 2012 by three lucky ticket holders in Illinois, Kansas, and Maryland. The cash option for that draw was $474 million, which divided by three makes $158 million, three times as much as Tuesday's draw. Even though the $91 million jackpot is not the biggest in US lottery history, it is still bigger than most other lotteries' maximum jackpot.

How to Play

The Mega Millions lottery draw requires that players choose their lucky five numbers out of a guessing range of 1-56 and one Mega Ball from 1-46, which is needed to win the jackpot and is crucial for the lucrative secondary prizes available.  The Mega Millions also gives players the option of multiplying secondary prizes up to five times with the Megaplier prize boost.

The Mega Millions is available twice a week on Tuesday's and on Friday's. The game is drawn at 23:00 ET and usually draws tens of millions of ticket sales worldwide. It only takes a minute but winning the Mega Millions jackpot could change your life forever.




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