UK Lotto Rolls Over To Around £22,500,000
February 3, 2016

With jackpot winner on Saturday, the Wednesday UK Lotto draw could make someone around £22,500,000 richer.

The UK Lotto jackpot has rolled over again, with a new estimated prize of £22,500,000 up for grabs on Wednesday 3rd February. Following the record £66 million jackpot claimed (eventually), by the holders of two tickets, the prize has started to roll over once again, and thanks to online ticket agents such as online-lottery-tickets, it's not just British residents who can win on the UK Lotto draw.

How To Play

Due to rule changes last year that meant that instead of having to match 6 from 49 balls players now need to match 6 balls from a pool of 59, it has become more difficult to hit the jackpot but easier to claim a smaller prize, which is why it keeps rolling over. A further rule change means that should it roll over to £50 million, it can only be carried over to one more draw and then if there is still no winner, the jackpot will be shared amongst winners of the next level.

This has had the side effect of causing huge interest when the jackpot starts to creep up to these huge amounts, so it rises even more quickly and if no one wins on Wednesday, it will start shooting up again.

The Time Of The Draw

The next draw is at 10.35 pm on Wednesday 3rd February, and tickets need to have been purchased by 9 pm that evening. Anyone buying their tickets from elsewhere in the world needs to note this and take the time differences into account. Much of Europe for example is 1 hour ahead of GMT, while the East Coast of the USA is 5 hours behind.



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