$135,000,000 Mega Millions Jackpot On Tuesday
February 29, 2016

There's an estimated $135 million jackpot to be won next Tuesday, 1st March in the US mega Millions lottery draw, with a cash option of $88 million.

The American Mega Millions lottery has been one of the biggest in the world since it was launched across the country in 1996. With jackpots that have reached hundreds of millions of Dollars, this and many other big draws are now open to a worldwide player base through services such as Online-Lottery-Tickets.

About The Mega Millions

Tickets for this lottery are just $1 per play, with players needing to pick 5 main numbers from between 1 and 75, plus a single Mega Ball number between 1 and 15, or they can just take the 'Easy Pick' option and have the numbers chosen for them at random.

The jackpot is won by anyone matching all 6 numbers, with eight levels of secondary prizes for matching anything from the 5 main numbers, which will see a $1 million prize paid out, to a single main and the bonus one which equals a $1 win.

For an additional $1 per play a Megaplier option can boost the value of non-jackpot wins by up to 5 times, and while this option is not available in all participating states, it can be played online.

The Next Big Draw

On Tuesday 1st March, at 11.00 P.M. EST, the next draw takes place in Atlanta, Georgia. The estimated jackpot is currently $135,000,000, which in common with all US lottery jackpots will be subject to local taxes unless the cash option of around $88,000,000 is chosen. Jackpots are paid out in annual instalments, with a rise each year to counter inflation.

Anyone buying tickets through online services should note the time differences between Atlanta and where they live, with the UK for example, being 5 hours ahead.




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