UK Lotto Jackpot Hits A Record £50,000,000
January 5, 2016

After running for over 20 years, this Wednesday will see the biggest ever UK Lotto jackpot, which has hit an estimated £50,400,000.

Lotto fever has hit the UK after the jackpot rolled over once again to a record - breaking £50,400,000. This is the maximum allowed under the rules of this game, so if no-one claims the prize on Wednesday 6th January, it will be split between the holders of tickets that match five main numbers and the Bonus Ball.

This has resulted in a spike in sales, as the much - publicized change to the rules has made it harder to win the jackpot, so many players now see this upcoming draw as their best chance to scoop a multi-million prize. Since the change has come into effect, players need to match six main numbers from a pool of 59, rather than 49, a move that has raised the odds of winning the jackpot to around 1 in 45 million. But the jackpot money still has to be paid out, and is certain to be won this week.

Buying Tickets Online

One other factor that has led to a boost in ticket sales is the option to buy them online, from anywhere in the world. Sites like online-lottery-tickets let people enter all the biggest draws including the US Powerball, EuroMillions and Oz Lotto, with prizes sent out directly to the winners. The UK Lotto remains one of he most popular in the world, and thanks to the new rules, mega jackpots like this are likely to become more common.

Tickets for the UK Lotto must be purchased by 7.30pm GMT on the evening of the draw, so players from other countries need to account for the time difference, with mainland Europe being 1 hour ahead of the UK and the US East Coast being 5 hours behind.


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