£56 million To Be Won In The EuroMillions Draw On Tuesday
June 7, 2016

The EuroMillions lottery jackpot has rolled over again and is now worth around £56 million, with the next draw taking place on Tuesday night in Paris.

There's a tax-free £56 million jackpot prize attached to the EuroMillions lottery draw this Tuesday 7th June. No ticket scooped the main prize on Friday 3rd, so it's rolled over again and could be won by someone living in the 13 countries or territories that officially participate in the contest, or now via online services, anyone in the world can win.

How To Play EuroMillions

EuroMillions is a classic '5 plus 2' game where players need to select 5 main numbers out of a possible 50, and then chooses 2 Lucky Star numbers from a pool of just 11. Matching all of these has odds of 1 in 116,531,800, but players can still get a prize just by matching 2 main numbers which has slightly better odds of 1 in 23.

As well as the various prize levels, some countries have guaranteed payouts, with the UK for example, having a Millionaire Maker £1,000,000 prize with each draw.

Play costs €/£2 and the draws are held in Paris at 8.45 on Tuesday and Friday evenings, which is 1 hour ahead of UK time.

Playing Online

Although tickets can only be physically purchased in participating countries, services like online-lottery-tickets have opened up this and other major draws to a worldwide audience who select their numbers online, with tickets bought on their behalf by local agents. This gets around the issue of where they live and any prizes are sent by Online-lottery-tickets directly to the winners

Anyone getting their entries through sites like this needs to be wary of the time differences between their locations and Paris, as the cut-off time for buying tickets is 8.30 local time.


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