Lottery Fans Are Back in the Race for a $293 Million Powerball Jackpot
November 15, 2016

A $293 million Powerball Jackpot could be won on Wednesday in the popular American Lottery.

Powerball players had high expectations on Saturday, but unfortunately none was able to hit the winning combination. As a result, the jackpot went unclaimed and on Wednesday November 16 it will surge to new highs. Lottery officials estimate that the first prize value will stand at $293 million.

Past performance suggests that whenever jackpots are rolled over several times, the interest among players grows. This propels the jackpot past the expected value, so there’s a good chance for it to cross the psychological threshold of $300 million. With online lottery ticket agents such as TheLotter providing a convenient way to play the lottery, even more are expected to participate.

No Big Winner in Saturday’s Draw

There was no shortage of Powerball players to walk away with a significant amount over the weekend. However, none was able to pick all the right numbers, so the jackpot went unclaimed. In the great scheme of things, a prize worth nearly $300 million is impressive, but a far cry from the Powerball record jackpot. The winner will need to make a decision when claiming the jackpot and choose the monthly installments or the lump payment.

The jackpot is estimated to have a $185 million cash value, so even if several players win it, there will be enough money to go around. Depending on where they reside, players will have to subtract local and state taxes whether they choose the annuity option or the one-time payment. Players from 44 US states are expected to buy tickets, but there’s nothing preventing international Powerball fans from tagging along.

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