The UK National Lottery Jackpot Is Worth £2.1 Million
December 2, 2014

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Another week means another chance to win the big prizes as the draw for the UK National Lottery will take place on December 3rd and the jackpot is estimated at a cool £2,100,000. A lot of tradition comes with playing this popular lottery and it is important to remember that if nobody gets lucky on Wednesday, the prize will be rolled over and another draw will take place on Saturday for an even bigger jackpot.

Easy to participate

Since the UK National Lottery was introduced in 1994, the system for awarding the prizes is quite simple and based on the classic 6/49 method. Several other major lotteries in the world use a similar system and this should make it very easy for players to take part in the action.

All you need to do is choose six numbers out of 49 consecutive options. These can be selected randomly, be a birthday or any combination of valid numbers one wants to play. Once the tickets are purchased, they are entered in the competition and the winners are determined through a random draw. All six numbers must be matched in order to win the top prize but there are also other smaller prizes to be won by getting just some of the numbers right.

A bonus ball will be selected when the draw takes place for secondary prizes.

Quick and secure online purchases

While the UK National Lottery is mostly aimed at players within the country, interested customers from around the world can easily purchase their lottery tickets online and become big winners with just a bit of luck.

Online Lottery Tickets provides a quick and secure way of getting tickets for this and several other major lotteries, with different payment methods being accepted. The numbers can be chosen or selected randomly by the website in order to save time.

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