Millions up for Grabs in the Euromillion and Eurojackpot Draws This Week
December 20, 2016

The best paying European lotteries will award millions to their luckiest players this Tuesday and Friday.

A lot of money can be won this week by lottery fans, as two major draws are scheduled for Tuesday and Friday. European players have their sights locked on the Euromillion and Eurojackpot draws, with a combined jackpot of €141 million. The Euromillion draw is scheduled for Tuesday, while Eurojackpot fans will have to wait until Friday. In both cases, tickets can already be bought over the Internet from online lottery vendors such as

Win a Fortune or Lower Tier Euromillion Prizes

On Tuesday, Euromillion fans will resume the chase for the prizes offered by the best paying European lottery. The maximum amount that can be won consists of €190 million, yet this week players will compete for only €60 million. The odds of winning the first prize on December 20 are stacked against players, and 1 in 139,838,160. However, the chances to win any prizes are significantly better and one in every 13 tickets will be a winner. The draw is scheduled to take place and 8 PM GMT.

Brace Yourselves for the €81 Million Eurojackpot Draw

This Friday, players from 17 European countries will be chasing a massive jackpot worth €81 million. The draw is scheduled to take place and 19:00 GMT and seven numbers will be extracted. Its jackpot started as €10 million and was rolled over several times, to reach this staggering amount. The highest ever Jackpot won in this lottery stands at €90 million, so the record can be matched if nobody wins on Friday. Many players will have to settle for lower payouts, with the overall odds of winning a prize being 1 in 26.

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