Play For The Y10 Million Japan Mini Loto Jackpot Draw On Tuesday 21st January
January 19, 2020

This Tuesday 21st January 2020, the Japan Mini Loto lottery jackpot will be Y10 million. It's got some of the best winning odds in the world.

Players in Japan and across the globe will be watching the next Japan Mini Lotto draw this Tuesday 21st January, where the main prize is a cool Y10 million. With sites like The Lotter opening up games from around the world to players in multiple countries, it's now easier than ever to enter several draws without needing to leave home.

Multiple Chances To Win

Players choose 5 numbers from a pool of 31. Each Tuesday at 18.45 local time, (09.45 GMT), the draw is made. 5 balls plus a bonus ball are picked. The main jackpot is claimed by tickets with a perfect match, but there are other prize categories as well.

Matching 4 numbers and a bonus ball is worth a second-level prize. Third and fourth category prizes are won by matching 4 or 3 balls respectively. The relatively small range of numbers leads to Japan Mini Loto having great odds, with the chance of collecting a jackpot just 1,169,911 to 1. These odds are so good, and so many tickets are sold, that there are often multiple winners of the jackpot in each draw.

The jackpot varies depending on how many tickets are sold in the previous week. On Tuesday 21st January 2020, one lucky player could scoop Y10 million. Tickets cost Y200, or currency equivalent and can now be bought at sites such as The Lotter. 

No Need To Visit Japan

There's nothing mini about the Japan Mini Loto, as it's hugely popular across the country and now beyond. Players can pick their numbers manually, or opt to enter with a random set of numbers. A scanned copy is provided and all they need to do is wait for the draw and see if they have won!


Obviously, tickets need to be bought before the draw and it's important to be aware of the time difference between various countries and Japan. 

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