The U.S. Mega Millions Jackpot Reaches $140 Million For Next Draw
May 12, 2015

After another week with no winners for the jackpot, the amount for the U.S. Mega Millions is now even bigger!

On Tuesday, 12th of May, six numbers will be randomly selected from the two pools of options that can very well be worth an astonishing amount of over $140,000,000. This is the estimated jackpot for the U.S. Mega Millions on the upcoming draw so players should hurry and buy their tickets right now.

Getting Online Lottery Tickets

While the U.S. Mega Millions might be aimed at players from the United States, it is actually open to people from around and the world and the only thing needed to take part in the weekly draws is an internet connection. Online lottery tickets can be purchased with ease, be it for the Mega Millions which now has the biggest jackpot in the world, or for any of the other major lotteries available.

Simply select the numbers for the tickets and pay for the transaction using any of the many featured banking options. A confirmation will be sent and you are set for the next draw.

Going For The Top Prize

When it comes to big lotteries, there aren’t any quite like the U.S. Mega Millions. Its popularity makes sure the jackpot increases at a very fast pace and it doesn’t take long for the amount to reach nine figures.

The winner is determined by the 6 numbers on the ticket, with five of them being extracted from a range of 1-56, and the other from 1-46. Secondary prizes can be multiplied to reach a cool million for only getting 5 numbers right, as long as one of them is the Mega Ball.

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