Australia Oz Lotto

Australia’s favorite national lottery, the ‘Oz Lotto’ is the first choice for Australians looking to play weekly lotto games.

The Oz Lotto has set the record for the highest lotto jackpot and is played by more Aussies than any other lotto game in the country.


The Oz Lotto was started in February 1994 by LotteryWest and the Tattersalls companies. Even in 1994, the Oz Lotto was the only national lottery available for the residents of Australia.  The original lottery format, at the time, was a six number draw from a possible forty-five numbers. It wasn’t until 2005 that the national lottery officials decided to add a seventh ball which has stayed until today. The modern Oz Lotto began to stress the seventh ball in all of their advertising and the actual logo changed as well.  The Oz lotto has given out some unbelievable jackpot prizes over the years and has made many new millionaires in Australia including the record win set in 2012 when $117 million was won in November.  Before then, the largest win was $109 million taken home in 2009 by a very lucky Aussie

How it Works

Playing the Oz Lotto online couldn’t be easier.  Simply select to buy a ticket for the Oz Lotto, select seven numbers from a range of one to forty-five and wait for the results to roll in.  It’s that easy.  During the draw, you’ll see seven regular numbers drawn from the Oz Lotto drum and then two bonus numbers will be drawn that count only towards the secondary prizes.
If you have matched all seven numbers at the lottery draw you have won the jackpot.  The Oz Lotter does not have a rollover cap so the jackpot can reach astronomical proportions and does regularly.  In addition, the lottery does not take any taxes on jackpots making it one of the best lotteries to play in the world.

Charitable Giving

The Australian Oz Lotto prides itself on a long history of charitable giving and a large percentage of the proceeds from the lottery are earmarked for communities nation-wide, for a long list and variety of government foundations like educational programs, development programs, the country’s zoo’s and many cultural programs as well.

Playing the Oz Lotto is to be a part of one of the most exciting lottery games in the world. The jackpot regularly reaches tens of millions of dollars and the fact that there is no rollover cap or taxes on prizes should be more than enough to persuade you to play. For online tickets to the Oz Lotto simply scroll or search Oz and you’ll be redirected to the online lottery ticket purchasing page.

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