Australia Saturday Lotto

The original Australian Saturday Lottery that the country founded that offers a chance to win cash prizes by selecting numbers and not from a raffle or sweepstakes.

The Saturday Lotto boasts one of the best cost-benefit ratios of all lotto in Australia.

Australia Saturday Lotto History

Established in 1972 the Aussie Saturday Lotto was initially created by the Victoria Government but soon after it was taken over by the Tattersalls Company.  The Australian Saturday Lotto was founded in order to raise funding for Australia’s national health system.
The Saturday Lotto was eventually sold in all of the country’s territories however known by different names in the respected region.  In Victoria, Tasmania, Australian Capital Territory, and the Northern Territory it is known as the Tattslotto; in Queensland it’s known as the Gold Lotto, in South Australia the X Lotto, and in New South Wales and Western Australia it goes by the Lotto or the Saturday Lotto.

After several variations the modern Saturday Lotto known and played today is different from previous versions that had players picking six numbers between one and forty and a bonus number which both the regular and bonus numbers were drawn from the same set of balls.  In 1985 this was changed to players choosing 6/45 and a second bonus number that would create new prize categories and different ways to win.

 How it Works

If you want to play the Australian Saturday Lotto simply find the correct category, select six numbers from one to forty-five, wait for the results and check right on the site to see if you’re a winner.  If you have guessed all six numbers you’ve won the jackpot and best of all, it’s tax free.  There is no cap for rollovers and the jackpot starts at AUD$4 million.

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