Australia Wednesday Lotto

If you are a fan of Australia’s tax-free lotteries, or if you still haven’t tried than you should definitely try the Australian Wednesday Lottery.

Australian Wednesday Lottery History

Founded in 1976 under the name the New South Wales Lottery and run exclusively in New South Wales, the Wednesday Lottery has undergone some changes.  After a few years of the lottery game being held in NSW exclusively the game received national interest and the Tatersalls company acquired the NSW Lottery in 1996 to distrivute it nation-wide.  Upon new branding the NSW lottery was renamed the Wednesday Lottery soon after its acquisition.

The largest jackpot won with the Wednesday lottery to date was in 2009 when a $6.2 million first prize was claimed.

How it Works

The lottery works differently than the average 6/49 lotto many people are used to.  Instead, players select six numbers from one to forty five.  There are also two bonus balls drawn but only in the event of secondary prize distribution.  To win the jackpot, players must guess all 6/45 numbers.  The Wednesday Lottery, in addition to the jackpot offers five other prize categories making the odds of winning highly increased.  Best part is, there is no tax on the winnings in any of the prize categories.

The Australian Lotteries can be yours all from the comfort of your own home and with no taxes on the winnings and huge jackpots, there should be nothing stopping you from logging in, picking your numbers and checking your tickets.


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