Austria Lotto

The Austria Lotto is the central and most renowned lottery games in Austria. Players have an unbelievable one in sixteen chances of winning a cash prize from nine prize categories.

With a population of about 8.4 million residents, the great odds and amount of prizes distributed by the lotto is enough to have awarded each resident of the country with a prize 50 times over.

Austria Lotto History

The Austria lotto was founded in 1986 by the The Austrian Lottery Toto Company. In addition to this, the biggest lottery in the country, the Austrian Lottery Toto Company oversees and regulates another nine national games.  Many of the proceeds from the Austria Lotto are earmarked for charitable giving like the Austrian Federal Sports Organization and other charities nation-wide.

How It Works

To play, simply choose six numbers from a one to forty-five range. In Austrian it’s called the “Zusatzzahl,” in English the bonus ball, which is also drawn from the same lottery drum as the regular set. If you match the Zusatzzahl you will be eligible for 4 of the 7 secondary prize categories, but do not count toward to the Jackpot.  If you match six out of forty-five numbers you’re a jackpot winner and the last prize category goes for matching the bonus number alone.  The best part about the Austrian Lotto is besides from the 1 in 8 million chance to win the jackpot; all prizes are completely tax-free and paid in a lump sum.

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