Brazil Mega-Sena

In the world of big jackpots there are some lotteries that go far and beyond a few million dollars in prize money. The Brazilian Mega Sena goes even farther.

This lottery competes with some of the biggest lotteries in the world because of its huge jackpots, special draw format and its Super Draw every New Year’s Eve.  Playing the Mega Sena Online will get you into this thrilling lottery game now.

Brazilian Mega Sena History

Since the 1960′s the Caixa Economica Federal Bank has been overseeing Brazilian lottery games.  When the Mega Sena was founded, it instantly became a national tradition in Brazil because of its huge jackpots and unique style.  Proceeds from the Mega Sena are earmarked for charitable programs across the country in the areas of Education, Culture and much more.

How it Works

Upon selecting to play the Mega Sena online, players choose six numbers from one to sixty and have the chance to fill in a the minimum three line ticket.  You can choose your own lucky numbers or have them selected for you by the random number generator.  There are also systematic tickets which allows players to win with a wide-array of their numbers on a variety of prize categories. The Mega Sena draw is taken from two separate drawing drums.  The first drum holds numbers from zero to five while the second drum holds zero to nine.  All six winning numbers are drawn by joining two numbers from each drum and pairing them to form one number.  If two zeros are drawn it counts as sixty.  The Mega Sena has been a very popular bi-weekly lottery on Wednesday and Saturday and can be yours now.

How to Win

Mega sounds like a lot and that is just what the Mega Sena jackpots are; a lot of money.   If you match four or five of the numbers you’ll be a winner.  The jackpot is won by matching all six lucky numbers on your ticket.

In addition to the bi-weekly draw, the Mega Sena hosts and annual New Year’s Eve draw called the Mega da Viranda which regularly has players in on the action from all over the world for this long-time tradition.  5% of the proceeds from all of the bi-weekly draws are put into the pot for the New Year’s Eve draw.

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