Brazil Quina

Brazil has some of the biggest and best lotteries in the world. They have become a very unique place to play and win with some of the most unique lottery games around.

The Brazilian Quina lottery is one of the most unique lotteries in the world because it is drawn six days a week.  In addition to it’s frequency, the Quina also has a special summer draw with a huge jackpot to honor the Festival of Sao Joao.

Brazilian Quina Lotto History

The Caxia Company, the Brazilian authority on all lotteries began the unique Quina lottery in 1994.  It was one of the first lotteries in Brazil to allow players to pick their own numbers instead of the sweepstakes prize genres which were all over the country at that time.  The six day a week draw instantly became a fan-favorite and the terrific winning odds, attractive low cost and sweet jackpots are still a tradition today.  Being a 6 day a week draw you may think the jackpot doesn’t get to the big prize money you are used to, but in 2010 a whopping $5.7 million was awarded to a lucky ticket holder.

How it Works

Simply select five numbers from a one to eighty range and you’ll be in the draw.  Instead of just choosing five numbers players have the option of choosing to play the systematic ticket which creates every possible entry from a total seven numbers increasing your chance to win.

How to Win

Match all five numbers and you’ll win the jackpot, but players can also win one of the secondary prizes by choosing three or four correct numbers.  The jackpots can reach  very high amounts because there is no cap on rollovers.

The Quina lottery gives many of the proceeds to charitable organizations including the Fund for Student Financing for Higher Education.

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