California SuperLotto Plus

In a state as big in all ways as is California the SuperLotto Plus Lottery game fits in well. Not only have there been jackpots won for over $193 million, the lottery also gives away billions in charitable support.

California Super Lotto History

In November 1984, The California Super Lotto was established to assist California’s Education Fund.  Renamed the Super Lotto Plus in the year 2000, the lottery is still run by a governor appointed lottery commission until today.

Lotteries have always been charitable and in 2010, a new bill was passed stating that over 85% of all proceeds are given back to the public.

How it Works

The California Super Lotto Plus is a simple 5/47 format.  Players choose five numbers out of a number range of one to forty-seven and a special Mega number from one to twenty-seven.  The Mega number is essential to win the jackpot prize and the secondary prizes as well and is chosen from a separate drum during the draw.

How to Win

By guessing all six of the numbers on your ticket, you’ll win the jackpot.  The minimum amount per jackpot is $7 million and is payable in a lump sum or in payments after state taxes are collected.

In 2010 a group of twenty lucky people won a shared jackpot of $72 million after playing together for over a decade.  

There have been online players that have won the California Super Lotto Plus as recently as 2011 when a player from Australia took home over $12,000 as a secondary prize.


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