Canada Lotto 649

The Canadian Lotto 649 is one of the pioneering 649 lotteries in North America and is a national favorite until today. The lottery game is well-known for its lucrative jackpots, user-friendly format and great win ratio.

Lotto 649 History

In 1982, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation (ILC) created Lotto 649.  The ILC oversees all of the nation’s lotteries but the 649 draw is by far the biggest and most played.  In 1985, the ILC changed the draw dates for the 649 and instead of being drawn only on Saturdays, to being drawn twice a week. The price of the tickets went up in 2004 in order to raise the minimum jackpot from $3 million to $3.5 million.  Over 300 people have won $1 million+ jackpots since its establishment and it is also the first Canadian lottery game that players could pick their own lucky numbers instead of having a random sheet of quick picks or a raffle ticket.

Many of the proceeds from the Canadian Lotto 649 is put towards funding charitable government programs and other projects for the good of the Canadian public.

How it Works

To play the famed Lotto 649, all you need to do is follow the details in the name of the lotto and choose six numbers from one to forty-nine and a bonus number.  The bonus ball is only counted towards secondary prizes and has no effect on the winning jackpot.  Players can easily search or scroll to the Canadian Lotto 649 on the site, choose your lucky numbers or use the quick picks feature and wait until the results come up.

Winners are the lucky ones that have picked all six winning numbers and best of all there is no taxes on cash prizes.  The largest jackpot ever won to date in the 649 was in 2005 when a group of 17 lucky Canucks took home a whopping $54 million jackpot.


In the Canadian Lotto 649 there are certain numbers that according to statistics have been drawn more frequently than others.   42, 37, 26, 24, and 5 are the most drawn numbers and 48, 43, 41, 36, and 29 are the most infrequently drawn numbers.

To play the Lotto 649 is to partake in a piece of Canadian tradition.  Over half of the world’s second largest landmass plays the lotto each week trying to win to escape the harsh winter cold in the great white north.  The Canadian Lotto 649 can be yours now from anywhere you have internet connections so don’t miss another draw.

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