Europe EuroJackpot

If you are looking for one of the most exciting online lotteries in the world, you need to try the EuroJackpot. There are 12 prize categories and some of the best winning odds of any other lottery.

History of Europe’s EuroJackpot Lotto

One of the newest lotteries from Europe, the EuroJackpot was established in 2011, upon a summit meeting in Amsterdam with many European national lottery officials trying to create a new European lottery.  Adopting the already popular EuroMillions lottery format the EuroJackpot officials decided that the draw would be held each Friday in Finland.  After almost a year of preparations the first EuroJackpot draw was held in March 2013.  In less than 1 year the EuroJackpot had already reached half its rollover cap of  €90 million in April 2013.

How it Works

If you want to play the EuroJackpot online all you need to do is pick, or have the five numbers from 1 to fifty chosen for you.  You will also need to select two additional numbers from one to eight which count towards secondary prizes and the overall jackpot.  There are ticket forms with three, four and five lines that can be played online.

The EuroJackpot lottery still held every Friday in Helsinki and results are posted directly following the draw.

How to Win

To win the jackpot, players will need to guess all five correct numbers and the two extra’s to win.  In addition to the outstanding jackpots, there are also an additional 12 prize categories given to players with winning number combinations. 

The odds for winning a prize with the EuroJackpot is amazingly 1:35 and the jackpot starts at €10 million.  Al prizes are tax free making this one of the worlds biggest and best online lotteries.

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