Europe EuroMillions

The world-renowned EuroMillions lottery is one of the biggest lotteries in Europe with fans from all corners of the world.

The record-breaking jackpots and thrilling rollovers have made the EuroMillions Jackpot one of the most played in the world

EuroMillions History

Talked about since 1990, the EuroMillions has been in service since 2004 across the countries of Europe.  It is one of the most played lotteries in the world with the UK, Switzerland, Austria, France Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and other countries in Europe all in on the action.  The EuroMillions lottery is the brainchild of three organizations from Europe.  The Francaise des Jeux from France, the Spanish Loterias y Apuestas del Estado and the Camelot Lottery from Britain all joined forces to form the original EuroMillions in February 2004.  In October 2005, lotteries from Luxembourg, Switzerland, Portugal, Ireland, Belgium and Austria all joined the EuroMillions jackpot as well and the jackpot record breaking began.

Players from around the world can participate in the EuroMillions Jackpot online and take part in some of the world’s biggest jackpots ever seen.  The draws take place twice a week, a change since 2011 which prior to then it was only a once a week tradition.  A huge percentage of the proceeds are distributed to charitable programs across the lottery organizations involved with the EuroMillions lottery.

The record breaking jackpots won with the EuroMillions jackpot took place in 2006 when two €183 Million jackpots were won in February and amazingly in November.  Other notable wins were in February and September of 2007 when €130 million was won and more recently in 2011 when €185 Million was won and the record breaking €190 Million jackpot in 2012.

How it Works

To get in on the EuroMillions action players need to select five numbers from one to fifty and an additional two bonus numbers called Lucky Stars.  The Lucky Stars numbers are selected from one to eleven.  To win the jackpot, players must match all five drawn numbers and the two Lucky Stars as well.  Most of the countries distribute the prizes tax-free but Spain charges a government legislated tax of 20% for all wins over €2,500.

Amazing Winners

On July 14th 2011, a Scottish couple took home the record jackpot of €190 Million making it the largest single-ticket win in European history.

In July 2005 a woman from Ireland, Dolores McNamara who worked in a bar, quit her job and was able to buy the place after she won the €115 million jackpot on her own.  This monster pot was the result of a nine time rollover and Dolores couldn’t be any happier.

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