Florida Lotto

The Sunshine State, Florida, is the spot for one of the biggest lotteries in the US. The jackpots offered by the Lotto are some of the most attractive in the country and since its establishment it has made many millionaires throughout the state.

Florida Lotto History

The Florida Lottery commission created The Florida Lotto in 1988, two years after the commission was founded itself.  In May 1988 the first ever Florida Lotto draw took place and was an instant classic.  As with many of the lotteries in the world, the Florida Lottery was created to fund educational programs for the state and has earmarked billions of dollars for that and other charitable causes until today.

A lot of the Lotto rules have changed drastically since its inception and in 1993, in attempts to make the prize much more attractive the lottery officials raised the jackpot to 33.5% from the previous 25%.  More critical changes occurred in 1999 when they changed the number selection from one to forty-nine to one to fifty-three and that it would be a bi-weekly lotto too.  During times of natural disasters, since many Floridians may need to evacuate their homes, the minimum jackpot is reduced to $2 million instead of the minimum $7 million.

How it Works

The Florida Lotto works on the classic number guess range of 6/53.  Players will select six numbers from one to fifty three either naturally or by a random number generator or quick pick.

How to Win

Outright jackpot winners must match all six of their lucky numbers.  There are however an additional four prize categories for different number combinations too.  The lottery starts at $7 million and does not have a rollover cap so it regularly reaches much more than its minimum. 

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