France Loto

The French know a thing or two about how to host a lottery, they have been doing it since the sixteenth century. The France Loto is the premier lottery in France and has awarded more than 4.1 billion francs in prize money.

France Loto History

Lotteries have been drawn in France ever since King Francis I brought the first game to the country in 1505. Obviously the games have changed drastically since that time and current Loto double matrix style makes for one of the most exciting Lotteries in the world.

La Française des Jeux, the governing lottery organization in France created the France Loto in 1976.  There were more than 7,900 millionaires created by the initial lottery in the first few decades.  Since changing to the Euro in 2002, over 150 lucky people have joined the 7,900+ millionaires.   Until today, the biggest single jackpot claimed was for €18,200,000.

How it Works

The two drum system used by the France Loto, randomly selects the winning numbers the day of the draw.  Players must choose five numbers from one to forty nine and an additional Lucky Number from one to ten.  The Lucky Number is then selected from a different drum than the first five numbers.

Players have the choice of selecting a single entry or a 3 or 5 block systematic ticket which plays all possible combinations of seven to nine numbers.  You can pick your own lucky numbers or have them selected randomly for you, either way the France Loto has amazing win ratio.  There are three draws per week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

How to Win

If you match all six numbers on your ticket you’ll have won the main jackpot.  There are an additional six prize categories available and depend on your combination of winning numbers.  The Loto’s minimum jackpot is €2 million and the cap is set at €36 million.

The prizes are all tax-free making this an excellent lotto to try your luck at.


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